New to this racky business, can anyone help me set this up?

New to this racky business, can anyone help me set this up?
I think I may have had it hooked up right, I just think I have to have a footswitch for it to work, dude lost the 4 pin FU-2 Footswitch cable... Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp- Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 After lots of research this is the combo I chose to start building my rack. I just want to make sure everything is hooked up right so, if anyone can help me I would be much obliged. Before anyone says it, yes I read Mesa's 20 year old manual, it's full of them bragging and rubbing each other off, not really any help on how to hook this up.


repeat for B & you're golden.

It is labeled pretty clearly to be honest.


I just wanted to make sure, because I get no sound that way, I'm pretty sure I have to have the footswitch cable to get this going.


What does it say about that PARALLEL INPUT A-B that is between the two power tubes?

I'd do it to help but i don't really feel like DL'ing the manuals to try to figure it all out,, especially at this hour.. if you already have the manuals,, double check that.

also, perhaps you could check the petrucci forums as I believe that is very similar to the rig he used on the I&W album... there may be some uber gearheads that have the exact setup already.

good luck!

PS- lastly,, God forbid it, but perhaps you have a bad OUT or IN on the Pre or the Power amp?

truly, I hope not cuz broke gear sux.


congratulations! Did u give the manual settings from Mesa a try?


Yeah yeah, that im doing later today, I got the the channel to turn on at least in the mean time, i put a pedal connector into the channel I wanted to use, "lead2" then grounded it on an old guitar input. It is working flawlessly. Drove to Samash yesterday, that place is a joke, not only did they not have any rack cases, but they did not even have an employee in the store who is familiar with rack gear. Just glad I finally got to dial in on the thing. The manual settings from mesa were very useful in finding the right volume and other sweet spots, I just tweaked it slightly and tuned my guitar to standard to jam with the puppets album for a bit, hits the tone the closest to perfection that I'll ever see. "Less hetfield has a yard sale". And no I'm not desperately seeking to copy metallica, but it is nice to be able to play it the way it should sound if ya want. I always regretted selling my mark2c+ head, but I can justify this as a replacement as the c+ did not have the built in EQ.

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