E-Mail ive just sent to Peavey

E-Mail ive just sent to Peavey
Ive just sent a suggestions email to peavey wit the following to see what they would introduce some new amps. I would really like to see a couple of new products in your amp line introduced, really they are just smaller versions of what you already have but there is a market for them as i am on a good few guitar related internet forums on the internet. Here are my suggestions: JSX 1X12 Combo - 60W / 30W Half power switch - 2 channel design with a solo boost (Same as 2X12 in a 1X12 box maybes) 6505 60W - Offered in a 60W head and a 60W 1X12 - Posibly offered in both 6505 and 6505II versions as well Valveking Series - 7W Class A / 15W Class A/B Selectable - Twin Channel - Offered in a Short Head and 1X10 design (Based on the Laney VC15-110 design maybes???) Valveking 50W Head - Same as 100W But only less power Classic Series- A 1X10 15W combo would be awsome, posibly a single channel with switchable boost levels. Thanks for your time, much appreciated. Lets see if i get a reply, probably wont. Probably wont introduce any of them.

All the current Valve Kings are worth checking out imo, good fucking amps for the money.


I have the 212 combo...

Apparently satch has gone with the jvm and is ditching the jsx....

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I do think that the Valveking 1X10 and the Classic Series 1X10 would sell well and the 1X12 JSX and 6505s would sell as well. There are people like myself that would like the tone without using a full head or a 2X12 as they either dont have the space or their finances dont strech enough to get the full head or 2X12.

It was only a couple of suggestions i had for them.

There are many other suggestions i have for other manufacurers as well.


That would be cool, id like to see it based off the Mini Colossal, but without the trem but with a reverb and a 3 band EQ, maybes with the power sponge as well.


good idea on the 112 6505 and prbly the vk head....


I got a reply from Peavey just a few minuites ago, heres what they said:

Thank you for your email and product suggestions. Your email will be sentto our product management team for future product consideration.

The Peavey Marketing Team

JeanPaul du Vinnie

Wouldn't it suck if they went for (some of) your suggestions and gave you nothing for it in return? Cause that might be happening.


It would suck, but if they came back to me with the option of taking one of any of those suggestions for nothing or say cost price to them or the local distributer id probably take that.

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