Randall RG100... need info!

JeanPaul du Vinnie
Hi guys, I'm eyeing this Randall on the interwebz. This is the one, to be exact. Now, before I have a go at it, I just want to make sure this is the amp I think it is since it looks like there's a ton of similar looking amps floating around, made by Randall. This is the RG100, right? The amp Crowbar uses a lot and Dime used on CFH? I'm asking because the seller isn't really specifying in the ad. Little translation of what he has to say: The head is a Randall, SS and straight from the '80s (not sure what year exactly). Comes with a footswitch to skip between both channels - distortion and clean - or to put 'em both on at the same time. The rest is about the cabinet he's offering too... Halp appreciated!:) Edit: I mailed the seller and he says it doesn't say on the amp itself but his friend who apparantly also owned one told him it is a RG100... I'm going for it I think.

Dime did use the RG100ES. I can't see the pics for some reason though. Dime also used the century 200 I beleive.

Ussually they go for anywere between $200 and $350 USD.


Also, they were made a couple different years so you should try to see if he has an exact year on it. Also, does it has the pull out gain switch or whatever?


Yeah, I hear the best thing used to boost the amp is the Boss MT-2 btw.

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