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    Weird buzz on clean channel

    Heej guys, I've got a problem... Yesterday all of a sudden my clean channel had this weird buzz - the sound wasn't clean at all! It was like I'd played the with the distortion very low... Anybody knows what the problem could be? It't the Marshall JCm 900 Hi Gain Dual Reverb!

    EDIT: also, what's a good alternative for the JCM 900, 'cause I'm not completly satsfied with it (price range: till 1250 dollars)!



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      You mean the cable from my amp to my guitar?

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      Is there a chance it's an empty battery from my active pickups?

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      So just got back from my guitar teacher and the guitar/pickups are good... So it must be a tube --> anyone knows what it will cost to replace one?

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      Dono... It's a Marshall JCM 900 with the original tubes, I think!

    • Sidivan

      Could be a lot of things happening here. Most of which are simple fixes. Before you start spending a bunch of cash, you should check the free stuff first. A lot of these may seem like bonehead things, but trust me, 90% of the time it's something boneheaded.

      First, plug a different guitar in and see if it does the same thing. If it's clean again, it's your guitar.

      1.) Dead EMG's: Replace Battery

      2.) Check your amp settings. Turn down your pre-amp and gain, turn up the power amp to compensate. Sometimes a little brother can screw with your settings.

      3.) Are you using any front end pedals at all? Make sure you're not overdriving the signal before it goes to the amp.

      4.) Depending on the type of buzz it could be a cable issue. Usually cable issues are scratchy/crackily noises that are intermittent.

      5.) Have you recently moved the amp around? Make sure you don't have something plugged in wrong somewhere.

      6.) Did you recently jam out with it cranked? Make sure your speakers aren't blown.

      7.) Those amps have a Valve Failure LED. Check that first to make sure all the tubes are actually working. If they're stock tubes, you most likely have 5881's.

      That's where I'd start. If none of those address the problem, take it to a local shop and have them check it out.