• ESPimperium

    Anyone Played The JSX: Mini Colossal

    Im looking at some low wattage Class A amps at the moment for a mini rig of doom, i am thinkign about splurging on the JSX: Mini Colossal as it has the power sponge and a effects loop, even tho its £449, i was thinking about cheaper options from Peavey like the Royal 8 ValveKing and the Crate V5 or a Fender Champ 600.

    Im just wanting to know what the JSX: Mini Colossal sounds like, if anyone has tried one yet???

    Thanks again.

    • Dark Alone

      I have yet to play one. The price tag is a real turnoff though.

    • ESPimperium

      From the Peavey web site demo i like what ive heard, altho that will have been produced to be awsome tho so i dhouldnt read too much into it. And altho its £449/$449 it is seemingly worth every penny.

      I am looking to pur the Mini Collossal in a Mini-Rig-Of-Doom with a few pedals and such.

    • ESPimperium

      I was gonna get the Tiny Terror and a 1X12 but would rather have a small combo for that rig.

      I want something really good quality with a decent ammount of gain, but can take pedal OD for boosting and the FX loop is a good thing as well as i can EQ it with my GE-7.

      The Mini Collossal would be used with my Boss pedal board that im more or less decided on being OD-3 > BLANK > GE-7 > CH-1. Altho if i got the Mini Collossal id probably include a DD-3 in the mix as well for the fun of it.

    • ESPimperium

      Im gonna do my best to try one, but i think if i get one ill have to get it unseen.

      May have to see if a dealer can get one in even if its a Peavey demo one. I have tried a Valve Jnr and didnt really like it as it sounded quite brittle, altho that was one of the first batch that had inferior parts that couldnt get rid of the 40 or 50 cycle hum.

    • BrazilianBootyLover

      The min jsx doesn't have any distortion.

    • ESPimperium

      It does, you have to dime the pre volume and then use the power sponge for lowering the volume and or use the guitars own volume control for clean and dirt.

      However i doubt i would even be having this thread and an main amp search in the first place if Peavey actually realeased a JSX 1X12 60W combo as that would be just about enough for what i would want tonally from an amp.

    • BrazilianBootyLover

      ^^ yeah that would be sick!!

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