• scoobyroo

    Blocking Floyd Rose trem

    I ordered a Horizon with floyd rose a couple months ago (still waiting for it to show up) and am starting to think that i will block off the trem so I can possibly go up a gauge in strings and also detune the guitar a 1/2 step without having to deal with tuning nightmares.

    There's a good video on YouTube by Rob Chappers but he's using a strat in his example - does the same logic apply to the Floyd Rose? remove strings, loosen trem springs and drop in a piece of wood behind the bridge cavity or is it more complicated than that?

    I've looked around for other videos/literature with no definitive answer - has anyone else tried this that can give me some advice.

    Also, what string gauge comes standard on the Horizons - i'm assuming 9's or 10's, anyone know?


    • RZfreak

      buy the tremelno

    • jet66

      You can do it that way. However, since it's a locking trem, it would be a shame to not take advantage of being able to dive, at least. You can fit a thin piece of wood between the sustain block and the trem route to keep it from pulling sharp. A little drop of wood glue will hold it to the body/cavity, but keep it easy to remove if you want to do so later. Then you just tighten the spring claw 'to taste,' to keep enough tension so that the block stays touching the shim, but loose enough to comfortably dive the bar. You might have to experiment to find the right thickness to keep the bridge at the desired angle you want when it is at rest. It will look like so:


    • BrienDeChristopher

      In response to an earlier post referring to the Tremol-no... no disrespect (disre-no) I had used one of these in a project Jackson Soloist I was building. There were too many adjustments and the little screws kept coming loose on their own. You could also hear the piston sliding when you did a dive through your amp!

      Granted, I use some pretty high-gain, modded amps with a hot signal, but it just didn't seem optimal to me. Sometimes simple is still best. Love the wood block idea :)