• Tknight

    Licensed Floyd rose replacement

    I am sure this has been asked on here several time but I am going to ask again. I am replacing the "Licensed" Floyd rose on my KH-202 with and Original Floyd Rose tremolo. Is there a certain size that I need? According to my local guitar shop, There is really only one size FR Original and Floyd rose themselves are back ordered 3 months. Can someone please give me a hand with this? I emailed ESP with this question 2 weeks ago and still have no answer. Thank you very much!

    • 57Octane

      You just nee one with a 42mm (R2) lock nut and a 37mm sustain block. Since it's set into the body and not sitting on top of it, if you get one with a standard sized block, it'll poke out of the bottom and won't really work well... if at all...
      Problem with this being that nowhere I've found that sells OFR's detail what size block they come with. So it's pretty much, you buy it, if it sucks, you find a new one. Unless somebody with more experience could chime in... :|

    • Mark K.

      37mm sustain block


      I have a KH-202 and I replaced my LFR with a Schaller OFR and I got a 42 mm sustain block..but I replaced it..

    • Butch

      i'd say go for the schaller OFR

    • N3rdAl3rt

      i replaced mine with an OFR, it works fine

    • The tC Hunter

      Hate to steal the thread, but this does pertain a little to this.

      I contacted ESP about switching from the ESP LFR to an OFR

      this is what they said

      Thank you for contacting ESP Guitars. The ESP-branded, Floyd Rose-licensed bridges used in production during this time will not only feature different dimensions, but a slightly altered overall shape when compared to the Floyd Rose Original or even 1000 Series bridge systems. This means that any aftermarket switch to an official FR product will require at least slight modification to the route and/or positioning of the body-mounting screws. We recommend that any installations or modifications be performed by a licensed guitar technician or luthier to ensure proper fit and function.
      We apologize for this inconvenience, and hope that this limited information is helpful. Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.


      anyone able to touch on this?