• mazen

    Pickups (Gaps Between)

    Technical (Electric guitar) question:

    What difference does the distance (gap) between the neck pickup and bridge pickup make on the tone/sound quality of the guitar?

    • metalhobo

      Closer to bridge=accentuated higher frequencies, i.e. brighter. Less output. Exactly what Khali said

    • mazen

      both the guitars' bridge pickups are as close to the bridge as can be, and same thing with the necks.

      Its the DISTANCE BETWEEN the pickups I am asking about.

      (see pic)

    • Jan S.

      that's the same answer everyone has already given...
      if you decrease the gap between bridge and pickup, that means moving pickups.
      move the bridge pup towards the neck, and that one won't be as chunky. move the neck pup towards the bridge and you get a tenser tone from that one. but tonewise on a guitar, it won't do jack I think. it's still the same amount of wood you use so the tone coming only from the guitar will be the same. any tonal differences will need to be blamed on the pickup position

    • shakeESP

      Distance BETWEEN the pickups doesn't matter, so stop asking about it. What DOES matter is how close or far away the pickups are from the bridge. And you have already been given an answer for that more than once.