• Metalmilitia306

    set-neck problem

    my friend has a old epiphone g-400 and the neck on it is loose. is there any way to fix this? thanks

    • Pushead

      If it's loose, the only way to really fix it is to remove the neck, clean the joint, and re-glue it. It's not an easy process. It isn't a very common thing, but that is one of the downsides to owning a set-necked guitar.

    • strngthbyndstrngth

      my friend has a old epiphone g-400 and the neck on it is loose. is there any way to fix this? thanks

      A customers car had the same guitar in the trunk and I assume it got so hot the glue let go and the string tension pulled the neck out of the joint. I took the thing, did like Pushead said, cleaned the joint out real good, got some good wood glue, and a few clamps and glued it back on. after the glue dried, I strung it up, and gave it to my nephew. The thing palys awesome, and I am the good uncle that gave nephew a guitar. :)

    • Pushead

      Wood glue is all they use at the factory. It's stronger than you'd think.

    • shakeESP

      If he hasn't had it long there might be some sort of guarantee?

      If not, he'll have to re-glue the neck, as Thrashman said.

      And also tell him to never buy an Epiphone again!


    • Metalmilitia306

      yeah i figured. i told them theres was no point in fixing it. but he wants to sell it which i think its not a good idea but whatever.

    • TaoZen

      The guitar probably isn't really worth the repair if it is done by a luthier. If he wants to do some research online and try to do it himself for the shits and giggles/learning experience, more power to him. It's actually kind of fun and empowering to DIY.

      PS, I have bought some trainwreck guitars and fixed them up and resold them offering full disclosure to the buyers. They usually have gone to beginners and I made sure that they were set up well, fret levelled and recrowned, and they were happy with their purchase. I usually spent a lot of time on them (hours and hours sometimes), but I love to tinker so to me it was a labor of love that I considered to be a donation to an aspiring guitarist.

      Anyhow it's just good Karma!