• jed s.

    need info on this older custom shop guitar

    I could use any info on this guitar.    .

    I don't see any serials. I would like to know anything about it. Maybe year or value or what model.  I'll be happy with any info

    • Travis L.

      "A.J." It's obviously Andy James' first ESP haha JK 

      I'll do some research and see if I can find anything...

      • jed s.

        It looks to me like a cheaper made version of that George lynch carved skull guitar. Ltd makes a model kind of like this one has the skull painted instead of carved. So I'm thinking this may be a mid grade model someone had custom built in the mid 90's. All I know is it used to belong to the son of a movie exec. In hollywood. It was sold in an estate sale along with about 4 really nice strats one being an autographed hendrix strat. So I'm pretty sure it's a high dollar guitar based off what the rest of the lot looks like. But would like to know for sure.

    • jt76

      wish I could help,  I have no idea, never seen one exactly like this. I like the graphic better than the carved ones i have seen. Hard to date since it appears to actually be a custom ordered guitar.  If its an older one it could be an eddie meeks paint job.