• adiyaacobi a.

    ESP USA MH Custom


    I found someone who sales and ESP Custom USA MH,and to be honest I don't think that I ever seen that modle before,so I would like to get help and info about before i even concider buying it.

    I would like to know the worth of this guitar to make sure i'm not getting ripped off,and in general,how is this guitar comparing to the horizon [I understand that this is a that this modle based on the Horizon with a few changes made]

    is it really a custom shop?or a rare modle?

    here's some images so you can get better idea:





    • Pushead

      Somewhere in the later 90s ESP had a "custom shop" in the USA.  It was only for a year or so, and the guitars were all (mostly?) built by John Gaudesi.  What it's worth is difficult to say, though those pictures make it look like the entire back of the guitar was sanded down to the bare wood.

      I'd suggest playing the guitar, and if you think it's worth what the seller is asking then you should buy it.

    • jawatson

      Very Cool.  It is hard to tell but I believe we have a very similar guitar, at least in scale and perhaps color.  It plays well and its beautiful, so I never had to .The pickups obviously vary, as I have the EMG configuration. I purchased mine in 2006 for $1300 used and would never part from it.  Perhaps this gives you some historical data in terms of price.  As Pushead said, these were produced in the 1990's.  I contacted ESP in 2010 and sent in these same pictures and they directly emailed me the following




      Wow, this one is stunning.

      I have seen a few of these float by lately.

      These were made in the mid 90’s.

      Yes they are amazing looks and playability wise, and not very many were produced.

      They all varied in price, because they were all individually custom made.

      I’d say from $2,000 and up.

      I do not have production records for these guitars.


      Best Regards,

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      techinfo@espguitars.com | www.espguitars.com


      Wish I had seen this post earlier in the year.  I hope you ended up buying this thing.  




    • Rich J.

      These were made as late as 2002.  I work in a music store and bought one of the last MH customs to be produced.  w/ EMG81s, To Pushhead above, the back is not sanded down in the picture.  It was a colored quilted maple top on a natural (basswood) body.  You cant tell from the picture above but it looks very nice that way.  I originally ordered mine in the black cherry finish and it was taking forever, so I changed my color to a turquois blue that really pops with the abalone inlay around the neck and body.  Mine retailed at $2200 when I purchased it.