• visualrocker69

    Could the Custom Shop do a Forest GT with the following specs?

    Could ESP Custom Shop do a custom Forest GT like this?

    Body: Maple top on Alder
    Neck: Mahogany
    Fingerboard: Ebony
    Bridge: Wilkinson Gotoh
    Electronics: (Piezo system?)

    This most important feature for me is a floating but non-locking trem. I've been spoiled by Musicman's Petrucci bridge and find the locking FR system to be too high maintenance. I mean, been there, done that, not really interested in going back. But I AM in love with the Forest GT body style, so... if I could get a bridge closer to my style, and possibly different woods, that'd be ideal.

    Also, would it be possible to have a Piezo system? I'm not sure whether ESP does those...


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