• gainiac

    Who's selling ESP Custom Shop guitars?

    Drumcityguitarland has had a stale inventory for some time - doesn't seem they're getting anywhere near the flow that they used to. I'm looking to buy a nice custom shop-built ESP, and by going online I'm not finding much inventory, and here in the SF Bay Area no one carries ESPs. If you know of a store that's online and has a great inventory of custom shop ESPs, please let me know.

    • gainiac

      duh - ebay's selection has sucked lately too

      • Metlupass2

        I think that DCGL is pretty much your only option. I can't see any store really carring any customs besides and eclipse because just that...they are custom ordered for people. I'm not sure if Jason orders the customs he has, like Shane does at Bmusic, or if he just buys them from other peoples orders, like I know he did with Gfunks horizon because it wasn't what Gfunk had ordered. I would say that besides having one built for you, Ebay and here are your only few other choices.

        Craigslist is a slim chance, but hey you never know. I found an old custom last week and picked it up for dirt cheap.

    • gainiac

      Thanks man - I've pretty much come to the same conclusion as M above. Carlinos the online inventory never seems to be up to date, and their inventory has dried up too. I wonder if with the price increases ESP just isn't selling well in America right now.