• Erick ESP_KKV

    My guitar collection...!!!

    Hey guys!

    Long time no visit forum...

    It's looks like old forum is destoyed... as I can't see my thread here..! That is wonder - why they destroyed it..?!?))

    Ok, I decide to recreate my old thread about my collection..! I think many new people will be interesting to see my collection...!)

    For new members I woould like to say about me a little bit... I'm guitar collector long time, but I didn't post my guitars too much on forums...! I'm a private guitar collector and also I'm big fan of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Pantera... so I'm collecting guitars of these bands! I'm not interseting in ussual signature or standart series guitars which is tons on ebay or anywhere... I'm interesting in personal artists guitars, back-up of artist's guitars, very low qty limits, special custom shops which was made for artists... etc...!!!

    As before - I want to apologise in advance for my english - my english is not so good because it's not my home language...!

    So..here is my guitars..! At first I post my guitars which was on the first my thred 2 years ago...!

    1. ESP "Season in the Abbys"

    I know that some years ago here was many disputes about that guitar - "what is that guitar, legit or not legit, exist or not exist... etc..." !
    I will tell you the truth about that guitar - it is old prototype of first Kerry's guitar which was made in 1990 together with first Kerry's own guitar, and it was kept  all time till 2000's in ESP Japan office in Tokio...!
    After Kerry's contract with ESP finished, one guy from ESP (who kept it) sold that guitar through one of ESP's retail shop in Tokio...!
    It was my target guitar many years - since I have seen "Season in the abbys" video in 92'..!!! Finally I get that guitar...!
    As you know guitar with same grafik never was in serial production - only Kerry had own them... and as you know in serial they produced KKV380 with crackle finish and eagle inlays... and black bolt-on!
    Guitar has old Kahler, Dimond inlays, old style truss rud cover - everything like on Kerry's own guitar...!

    Famous Donnington video.... Kerry with his ESP Season V...! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdhXIPyMvt4









    2. Dave Mustaine's personal Jackson Y2KV "USA Flag"

    I think all Megadeth fan's know what is this!!! That guitar Dave sold in 2002 through Andy Brauer auction!
    It was signed by Dave, and 2 years ago was signed by Marty, because previous owner have know Marty personaly..!
    And it was seen on Rude Awakening.....
    Dave playing Holy wars on that guitar on Rude Awakning...!








    3. BC Rich Kerry King "Old Grey V" USA Handcrafted shop - Special order of Kerry's old shape guitar!

    That guitar was made in 2006 in BC's Handcrafted shop - it is same guitar as Kerry's late 80's BC Rich, which he used before he left in ESP...!
    One of Kerry's friend asked Kerry to make for him that guitar - and it was done...! Everything like on original Kerry's old guitar - old Kahler, Camo Dimarzio bridge pick-up, diamond inlays, switches, etc...!
    Never was in serial production.....!



    Famous Slayer's video "Raining blood" - Kerry with his Grey BC.....!


    4. Dean Dave Mustaine "Rust in peace" USA Custom shop guitar.

    Of cause this is not korea/indonesia version... it is mine custom order to Dean USA..!
    Long time of waiting of production - but finally I receive it...! As I know it is about 3-5 pcs exist in wordwide of the same USA guitar...! 





    Guitar during production ....






    5. Washburn Dimebag Darrell "Confederate flag" USA Custom shop

    This is my dream guitar all years - Dime's Wavy Confederate Flag!!! This Guitar also Chewy painted it and signed it in 2006...! It also was made for Dime's very good friend, and mine also friend...! This guitar is hardly valuable for me, as my friend who was own this guitar is passed away some years ago... so to me it's memory about my friend! As you see guitar have serial '1 of NONE" and "Dime's body logo"...! 
    That Grafik never was in serial production and it's just impossible to find Washburn with Confederate Wavey flag...!




    6. BC Rich WARLOCK “Red Marble” USA Handcrafted - personal Kerry King's guitar with KFK pentagram! 

    That guitar was made for Kerry to presentation it on Namm 2005, Kerry used it on namm and signed it, after that it was sold during the Namm show...! 
    It has "KFK"  pentagram on the back of headstock - as you know only persanal Kerry's guiatars have same pentagrams..!








    7. ESP KKV-380 Crackle Finish Custom Shop guitar

    No comments....I think all here know what is this...! Thouthands of Kerry's fans dreaming about this guitar.. but ESP produced totaly about 50 psc of these amazing guitars...! My first one is first run of Kerry's signature - early version from 95...! Early ones had srarse "crackles" on grafik...! 

    8. BC Rich KKVG1 Kerry King V "Trible Graphiс Generation 1 Guitar" Handcrafted shop!

    First Kerry's signature USA Handcrafted  BC Rich from 98...! It is first Generation which call Gen1, one of Kerry's mainstage guitar till this time..!
    I ever have seen only 4 of these... becides Kerry's two...! 


    9. BC Rich "Kerry King" KKVG2 Trible Graphik Generation 2 "Red Marble" USA Handcrafted shop!

    This is second generation of Kerry's guitars with Beast headstock...! Also interesting that neck has another shape than Gen1...!
    Kerry used that "Red marble" in 2004-2005 years...!




    10. ESP MX 250.

    I'm sure everyone know everything about that guitar... mine is from 2007 with serial K.....!

    11. Jackson Kelly Marty Friedman KE-1

    It's Marty's Signature Jackson.. it has KE MF 018 serial number.. totally they was produced 150 psc with gold hardware in 97..!




    12. ESP JH-1

    I think everyone know this guitar.... this is number 71 from 150 limit...!





     All other guitars is ussual 'siganature series" or just serial guitars... I think it nod need  to coment it - everyone knows them..!

    13. ESP KH-3.





    14. ESP KH-2.




    15. LTD Ouija
    Limit series of 2009 in 250 psc...!




    16. ESP Truckster






    17. ESP DV-8  Namm show 





    18. Jackson RR1  USA


    19.  Jackson KV-2  USA




    20. Jackson Soloist Crackle finish 88.

    My guitar for practice... old Soloist with EMG's and Kahler...! ))) 






    All these guitars I'v posted in old ESP forum about 2 years ago..!
    Now I'm updating my thread.... - I get some new rare guitars within these time.... so here my new guitars which i get in last 2 years...!
    Here we go......

    Fans of Jeff Hanneman - be cafefull - do not fall in schock... ha-ha !!! )))))))))))))))))))))))

    21. ESP Jeff's "Hineken"

    I think that most of you even didnt assumed that this guitar can be excist... and I think this guitar will be MORE UNBELIEVABLE for you to believe in it... but Yes - this guitar EXCIST! That is one of 2 which ever made in Tokio Custom shop personally for Jeff...! One was Jeff's mainstage and all of you know it, it is at his home now... second is there...!!!
    I can't tell how I get it...  but you must to know that this guitar is EXCIST! )))
    It is exactly same as Jeff's personal one - with Star inlays..! That is amazing guitar - it is just peace of ART! This is my Best guitar!!!
    I tryed to make more details pictures of this guitar - to your detail looking...))) 














    22. ESP Jeff's "Totenkopf"

    I think you also know this guitar! That is also second Jeff's ESP Totenkopf which ever made after Jeff's personal one...! I think some of you have's seen it on forum some years ago, so finally I'v get it! This one with Deadhead inlays, while Jeff's one with Star inlays as Hineken...! Also made in Tokio with T... serial - as all guitars which was made for Jeff..! This is amazing guitar - same top-feelings as Hineken...!!! )))













    • Erick ESP_KKV

      23. ESP Jeff's Black S&K inlays

      That is also Tokio made one, I think you know that this is just impossible now to find any Jeff's guitar with T serial and S&K inlays! ESP produced some with Floyd, but I think that is not "real" Jeff's guitars...! Real Jeff - with Kahler only!!! 
      I have idea to put stickers on it and made it like exact copy of his Metal Mulisha...maybe in future I will realized it... ha-ha))) 



















      24. ESP Jeff Hanneman "Raiders"

      This is personal Jeff's guitar which he used it studio during "Christ Illusion" recording...! ESP made totally two of "Raiders" and another one Jeff used on stage in 2008-2009! This one differ from other by other letters of "Raiders" discription, and main difference - it has Fernandes susteiner! Only one Jeff's guitar had Fernandes susteiner - and it's it! I added picture of Jeff's other "Raiders" also...!
      This guitar just amazing!!!





















      Here is Jeff's other one "Raiders" - it is without Susteiner and have other letters in description "Raiders"!






      Ok... I think fans of Slayer and Jeff's was very happy to see these..! I keep all guitars in memory of Jeff...!!! He was my main guitar and music Hero! 
      You always will be in our hearts, bro...!!! 

      Ok... next is my new Dime's guitars..! I'm BIG fan of Pantera, so I'v tryed to get all Dime's which was possible to get..!))))
      Of cause - all USA Dime3... and some is Custom shop..!

      25. Washburn Dime3 USA "Inferno"

      I'm sure that not many people have seen that guitar, that is extremely RARE Dime3 with Inferno grafik, about 10 pcs was made totally in USA Washburn factory!
      I dont know and never seen any other anywhere... so I think Dime's fans will be very wonder to see that this guitar excist!!!
      There is Dime's personal signature on the back plate, it is not stamp, it is made by marker !
      This is best sounding Dime's guitar, it has very deep and great tone.... one of my best sounding guitar!
      Dime had same grafik on his guitar and it was 2001-2002 era... but he didn't palyed much on it, so I even never seen it on live shows... only this 1-2 fotos...!




















      26. Washburn USA Custom shop Dime Stealth Black Rebel Flag

      That is One of a Kind Dime's Washburn Stealth Black Rebel! It was made for Dime's very good friend, and mine also friend...! this guitar is hardly valuable for me, as my friend who was own this guitar is passed away some years ago... so to me it's memory about my friend! Chewy paited it personaly to my friend...!
      Absolutly amazing Stealth with ebony fingerboard, it has special Washburn's Custom shop logo with nickname of my friend who own this guitar - BCIII, and also special discription on the back of the neck - "Deathrattle"...!!! I think no one never saw this guitar before...!!! 
      Even Dime didn't have same grafik on his personal guitars...)))

























      27. Washburn Dime3 "Purple" .... Deep Purple)))))

      That is really rare USA Dime3, about 5 psc was made totally..! It's look like a little wonder color - that "glamorous" color.. ha-ha))
      Dime didn't had same colour on his guitar... but ... but that one exist))))




      28. Washburn Dime3 Bolt

      That is one of USA production line of Washburn - amazing guitar with amazing grafik..! This one with natural finish...! Dime loved that color more than others... his famous old Dean had same colour..!) 















      29. Washburn Dime3 Slim

      That one is my one of the best sounding guitar - that is just amazing! it's serial Washburn Dime3 Slim..! Even that it is serial guitar there are not many was produced totally.. so these guitar also hard to find in our days...! Dime loved his Slim very much... and i'm too!!!))))













      30. Washburn Dime3 Southern Cross!

      This is #37 of 100 psc limit series of USA Custom shop Washburns which was made in 97 didicated to Ozzfest! Really cool guitar with deep heavy sound..)))  






      31. BC Rich Kerry King V Trible Orange Flame Gen2 USA Handcrafted shop guitar!

      This is Handcrafted Shop guitar! It is Kerry's Main main stage guitar...! I think you have seen it a molop times in Slayer's videos..! I long time wanted to buy this guitar - and I finally I bought it! It's not so rare guitar as it is in production now at BC... you can order it and wait about 1 year! But anyway - this is just awesome guitar...!!!








      32. ESP KKV 380 - my #2...!!!

       About 2 years ago I had only 1 of these KKV... but recently I get another 2 KKV380...! I still check all around and always looking another one KKV380! i'm ready to buy all of excist.. ha-ha..)))
      Here is my second one. It is from later version with more frequent "cracks" on grafik!









      33. ESP KKV 380 - my #3...!!!

      This my third KKV380.. it comes with own ESP's factory tag - looking and sound amazing!





      34. Dean USA Cusrtom shop "Mako Glory" !

      Here is my second order to Dean USA Custom shop..! I get idea about this guitar when I have seen Mustaine's acoustik Sgnature guitar Dean Mako Glory... and I always loved old Mustaine's Y2KV with USA flag grafik... so I decided to connect all these ideas in this guitar...!!! I decide to put this grafik on his VNMT signature V... I'v send picture of guitar in Dean USA office... and they made this guitar according on my design...! Production get about 1 year...! Guitar was just amazing - really nice grafik on this V shape...! 
      BTW - even Dave Mustaine personaly don't have same grafik on his guitar... ha-ha !!!))))))












      Dave's acoustik Dean Mako Glory...




      So... now guys it's becomes more and more interesting...)))))) Ok ... here we go....

      35. ESP MX 220 EET FAK !

      Ok guys.... I think all of you know what is this... yes yes yes - it's genuine MX220 EET FAK!!! This is first run of MX220 from 89' with step joint neck - most rarest of all MX220 !!! That is most famous James's guitar, and VERY rare in our days...!
      Great deep sound... and really rare collcetible item..!!! I long time waited and looked it... and finally goy it...!


      36. ESP Ouija 94 Neckthru.... 1 of first 5 !

      I think some of you heard about this guitar.... many rumors here and there about it... excist or not exist.. etc..!
      So - this guitar exist.. and long time belong to me..!
      This is one of first 5 psc was made together with Kirk's first Ouija... they was made only for Japan market...! 
      It has exactly same details as Kirk's one... especcialy right directios of the moon inlays..!
      First Kirk's Ouija has Muslim direction of the moons, his second one has opposite direction and same direction was on all serial Ouija guitars...!  





      37. ESP MX "Man to Wolf" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      About 10 years here on forum and on other guitar's forums was too many disputes and talks about that guitar, but till this time no one was not absolutly sure and no one was not able to confirm that this guitar can be exist.........!!! This guitar is dream of all Metallica fans about 25 years already.......
      Yes guys - this is ESP MX "Man to Wolf" !!! I know many people dont believe that this guitar exist - but YES - its exist!!! I think all my guitars don't gave you chance to think that it can be any replica or something like this...! This is not replica - this is Genuine ESP MX "Man to Wolf" which was made in Tokio Custom shop in 1995...! You will say - how is possible...?!? I can tell you only one thing - one very "big" guy in ESP ordered it for himself, kept it in his office and no one ever seen it many years... but finally I got it...! So now you know truth... and you have seen EVERYTHING which is posiibe to see in ESP guitars...!!!!!!!))) 



       So... these all my guitars at that time....!!! Now you know much more about which guitar was produced by ESP and which guitars is exist..!))))
      Hope you enjoyed...!)))
      Also... if someone want to buy something from my guitars - I always open for offers... PM me!)



      ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^

    • ESPEXP

      Hey I'm interested in the MX-250. Do you still have it forsale? Thanks

    • Samuel C

      incredible colectipn dude  *_* ypu're very lucky

    • Erick ESP_KKV

      Thanks dude...)

    • Samuel C
      Erick ESP_KKV wrote:

      Thanks dude...)


      I'm just very jalous for all metallica's guitars espacially the man to wolf and the ouija   just one guitar that i have and you don't it's the iron cross white  

    • Erick ESP_KKV
      Samuel C wrote:

      Thanks dude...)


      I'm just very jalous for all metallica's guitars espacially the man to wolf and the ouija   just one guitar that i have and you don't it's the iron cross white  

      I can buy White Iron Cross anyday but I don't do it...) Just beacuse I'm not collect ussual serial guitars anymore...! I sold most of ussual Siganture Series and Standart series guitars which I had - Truckster, Kh-2, Kh-3, RR1, KV2 - all sold, I post them just because they was in my collection...! Now I keep only Special Custom shops guitars...! Last ussual guitars which I still didnt sold - it's Marty's KE1 and Mustaine's ESP DV8..!) I'm going to sell them soon..!

    • End of Times

      That is the best guitar collection on the planet!

      I have one slighlty used soul that I will trade for that Death's Head Hanneman.

      Thanks for sharing those jems

    • Erick ESP_KKV

      Thanks man..!

      Yes... honestly as I know - at these days my collection is biggest colleticon of rarest guitars of these 4 bands in the world..!

    • Skoggy

      Simply amazing collection! 

    • Erick ESP_KKV

      Hey guys.. thanks for coments..!)

    • Erick ESP_KKV

      I'm going to sell some of my guitars... let me know if someone interesting in some.

    • affonso c.

      Amazing collection, man!!! I'm speechless... You said you're interested in selling some of the guitars. Are you willing to sell the KKV Gen 2 Red Marble. I really love that finish - saw a new one sold on ebay year and a half ago by Music Farm or BeatstreetMusic (can't remember) but someone bought it with best offer!!

      Let me know

      And congratulations again for your collection/museum!!!

    • juzen j.

      brother will u pls sell me ur jeff hanneman heineken guitar


    • frantic77


    • Mazze F.

      Great collection!!! Looks more like an ESP guitar museum...So I guess that's what it looks like when you hit the big time! :-)

      Awesome pics and I'm very impressed to see so many extremely rare guitars especially the ESP MX 250 'Man To Wolf'. Seems James and you Erick are the ones who own one (If James hasn't sold his that is....)  

      I just started collecting guitars and would most certainly like the help you to sell some of these excellent gems!

      Thanx anyway for the pictures..Just incredible!!

    • Erick ESP_KKV

      Thank you man..!

      Yeah.. museum - that is good word for that situation.. ha-ha..!))) 

      No, James still has his one... it was shown at last Orion music festival..! I think now we both with him have Man to Wolf's all over the world...))))) And if James will sell his one - I think I will buy it also... ha-ha..)))

      Ok... if you interesting in some my guitars.. let me know...) 

    • Mazze F.

      I was interested in your ESP Jh 1 no. 71. And of course your ESP MX 250 'Man To Wolf' How much do you want for them ??

      (I'm just asking about the Mx 250 'Man To Wolf''I doub' you would sell it. :-)

      However your 'regular' Esp Mx 250 is also interesting to me..How much do you want for these guitars ?? 

      And have a nice day/week!!! 

    • Erick ESP_KKV
      Mazze F. wrote:

      I was interested in your ESP Jh 1 no. 71. And of course your ESP MX 250 'Man To Wolf' How much do you want for them ??

      (I'm just asking about the Mx 250 'Man To Wolf''I doub' you would sell it. :-)

      However your 'regular' Esp Mx 250 is also interesting to me..How much do you want for these guitars ?? 

      And have a nice day/week!!! 


      Yeas - you right... Man To Wolf not for sale... this is too invaluable guitar for me to sell it...! 

      JH-1 is 2900$ includng shiping!  MX250 is 3800$ shiped..! Both in hard case, Jh1 with Certificate also! Both in very good condition...!

    • boogie20

      Amazing collection!!!!! How long did it take for your eet fuk explorer to change color like that? I have a snow white ESP snakebyte, and after only a couple years old, it's starting to turn yellow.

    • Erick ESP_KKV

      All white ESP guitar is yelowing during years...! I bought my MX220 about 3 years ago and it already was yellowed... but its normal for guitar 25 years old..! And honestly I like that vintage colour... it's looks absolutly same as James's EET FAK...!  If you pay attention on my Ouija - it's also yellowed during years... and it's looks very cool.. I like it more than newer ones from 2009 with white colour..!

    • EZguitars

      Iron Cross??    the man has a Man-to-Wolf for goodness' sake.. they are not remotely in the same league 

      anyway nice pics Berik.. interesting to see.

    • Erick ESP_KKV

      Yeah EZ... you right..! Thanks for comments..! )

    • Alfonso L.


    • mulysa

      thank you for the pics bro. You are awesome.Keep us update if you buy new guitar. haha   \m/

    • Erick ESP_KKV


      Yes... of cause!

    • mulysa

      i noticed that the Dimebag 'confederate waving flag" Washburn had Armand "Butts" Crump name painted at the back of the neck. Does that guitar used to be Armands guitar? Armand Crump was the late guitar tech for Kerry King. RIP Armand.

    • Erick ESP_KKV

      Hey man... you very watchful !

      Yes, it's Armand's guitar...! Armand was my very close and good friend... we make many guitars deals with him..!  Besides that he was Kerry's guitar tech - he also was crazy fan of guitars and BIG guitar collctor..! I also very miss him..!



    • GuitarsCollector

      I've bought an MX-250 from Armand just before he passed....was a very good guy... great collection man!!!

      I have one you miss....the ESP "relic" serial number 000...(kept from Esp headquarter...)

    • Erick ESP_KKV

      Yeah.. Armand was very good guy..!

      Honestly I never interested in Kirks's Relic series.. I just  dont very like this model...! Only Ouija and Mummy I like from Kirk's guitars..! I was very close to buy genuine Mummy on ebay 2 years ago... it was sold for 25000$... but I delayed...!!!

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