Ec 256 wiring

Ec 256 wiring

I’ve been looking at replacing the stock bridge pickup with an Alnico pro 2 or a pearly gates for my 2018 Indonesian ec 256.  That made me look into the wiring and process of replacing the pickup with the correct wiring and so forth. This is my first electric guitar so I haven’t done this type of stuff before, but I feel comfortable doing it as long as there’s clear steps for the wiring. The diagrams I’ve found don’t match what appears to be going on with my current wiring as it is now at stock. Can someone throw some diagrams out here that they might have? I will include a picture of my wiring and if you can explain what is going on that would be great. From what I can see there is a red wire going from pot to pot, and I don’t believe any diagram I’ve found shows that. 


Kirk S.

My honest opinion is that replacing all your pots and cheap wiring would be the best thing to do. It's fairly inexpensive and well worth the time. 

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