i wanna buy ltd ec 256 but need some help pls..

enoboi e.

Hello guys. I just wanna buy this guitar but i need some information. Some of the EC-256 models have the model number on the 12th fret, but others don't. And there is a lot of models. Made in indonesia, vietnam, china.. Is there any differences? Which one is better? I really dont know. Need some help. Thank you!

Geraldo F.

I found this somewhere a while ago.


Product locations
Letter + 7 digits. E and U = Korea.   I = Vietnam.   L = China.

2 letters + 7 digits. IS and IR = Indonesia.
Letter + 8 digits.
W = World Musical Instrument Co., Incheon, Korea.

2 letters + 8 digits.
IWIX and IS = Indonesia.
WR and GW = World Musical Instrument Co., Incheon, Korea.
SXSKRS and SP = China.

2 letters + 9 digits. IS = Indonesia.


Regarding quality differences between factories, I really can't comment on that. 

Anthony C.

I am looking at one that does not fit any of these serial number configs....it starts with WI then 8 numbers....is it possible it’s fake?



Anthony, do you have any photos of the guitar?

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