2022 wish list

2022 wish list

Hoping for..

QM, FM and burled tops for the TE-1000 and SN-1000 series!

Reindeer blue EC-1000

Would love to see the liquid metal finish come to the LTD line. 

maybe some new merch! 

Michael L.

Yep, the liquid metal finish would be a good idea. But unfortunately the price would rise and reach some ESP's.


I’d like to see the EC-1000 Amber with the Seymour Duncans and a Floyd.  Every one that has a Floyd has EMGs.  I have one in black that I gutted and put Gibson 489R/500T pups in and it sounds killer.  I also have one in Amber that sounds killer, too.  I just would love it even more if it had a Floyd.  

Kirk S.

I want a 3 pickup EC-1000 like the Epi Peter Frampton I had. That guitar sounded wonderful. I just want LTD quality!

Nathan M.
  • Alexi Laiho tribute or re-issue. 
  • Arrow Black Metal 7 string with a Floyd
  • F-series bass Black Metal with pointy headstock
  • EX Black Metal with a Floyd
  • SN-1000 FR with scalloped 17-24 and HSS (Alder with a quilt purple/pink or burled poplar top)

Something with a sustainiac would be cool. Also probably an unpopular opinion, but less Fluence Fishman pickups in the 7 strings. Non-soapbar EMGs instead. 

A. Kolbin

I just have one wish: More. Viper. Models. 

Geraldo F.

More options on the mid price range. Specifically, te-401 and ec-401 with GOOD passive Seymour Duncans.


But most of all, drop the cursive letters logo and adopt the ESP-like style logo on all models.

Hekate's flame

Want a new EC-1000 green model. A green/dragon andromeda would probably be acceptable. Green seems to work with gold hardware, blk hardware also good. Gloss finish only.

An andromeda with see-thru top finish and underlying dragon scale pattern?

Hekate's flame

Maybe an EC-1000 Protector Summoning)/Tolkien signature model or two.


Please bring back the brilliant MH and M series models. Formerly the former MH350FR, H351FR, M300 M400, EC, H you can make 400 lines in other colors with EMG or going from black to red or other.
Also missing a lot of different signatures like the Alexi 600 here, where there were tons of colors pink, green, yellow, white, RA600, GUS G600, JH Iron Cross and many more forgotten over time. When I go back to the ESP catalogs, I wish I had the opportunity to buy these great models earlier ... It would be a tribute to the company's best period, when ESP LTD guitars outperformed all other brands. It is a pity that today there is such a high price level, and a small selection of the middle shelf. It used to be more balanced, especially in the middle shelf. The good old days. Regards.

Michele H.

Neck pickups on the black metal line. At least the M-series. Please.

Sam N.

7 string baritone black metal phoenix. Baritone black metal EC 

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