Forgive me if this has been asked before. I ran across a mint AX-2E in natural finish with the ESP OHC and bought it after playing around with it.  I did as much research and know that it is an 08 model.  This is a gorgous guitar and a real player at that, very versatile.  I can only find that these were only produced in 08-09. Other than that information I cannot for the life of me find out anthing else about these, I can only assume since there were less than 3 for sale on the internet over the last several years, that there were not many sold and or the ones that were are not re-sold.  I am wondering were these just a bust and discontinued or were they very popular? according to the limited information on the web I am thinking they were not popular.  Can anyone please shed some light on these beauties?

Dave R.

Production model from '08-'09, dicontinued in '10. Here are the specs:

· Neck-Thru-Body Contstruction
· 25.5”Scale
· Mahogany Body w/ Ebony Top
· 5 Pc Maple/Mahogany Neck
· Ebony Fingerboard
· 42mm Standard Nut
· Thin U Neck Contour
· 24 XJ Frets
· Black Nickel Hardware
· ESP Tuners
· TOM Bridge
· ESP LH-301 (B&N) p.u. w/ Push-Pull Coil Tap on Tone Control
· Natural Gloss Finish

Brad P.

Thanks for the reply. I am curious why they discontinued? Does anyone know how many were produced.

Scott s.

Do you know how to read the serial number?

i0801946 is on the back of my headstock and do you know how many was produced?


Mazika L.

Awesome thank you for sharing!

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