• blacksoulzero

    Is there going to be more ltd models 4 2014?

    Just at the end of 2013 beginning 2014 they took away the guitars I was about to buy, since I just can't wait to get all the guitars I need (hate change of tune when u can just have guitars adjusted for every tune u need) and would love to have (like them for the design) I about to get the ltd ex401, mh100qmstb, and the other cool one for the ax series... But now there's non of them and I'm dealing with deciding which one to get, sadly for the ex there's only the 260 which is not as cool as the 401, the ax only has the 50 which is not as cool as the 260, I love the color of the mh 100 but there's only the 103 which I dislike single coils and prefer the sound of rosewood so my only choice is the m100 but not what I would like, I really hope ltd get new upper models or substitutes for this and other guitars, but I'm afraid that when I get my ec1000vb, v401, m1000, mh1000, h1007fr they don't exist anymore :(

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