• Hit Salvader

    LTD EC200QM Sound question

    Hi guys. Today I compared my LTD EC200QM with Cort TS100 and I became disapointed a little. My LTD sounds not so punchy and loud as Cort at the same amp. I'm afraid that my LTD is broken in some way. Please share with me records of your LTD EC200QM clean sound, so I could be able to compare them with mine.

    • Trabye

      could it be that the cort has better pickups? i almost always replace my stock pickups with either emgs or seymour duncans. i don't own a ltd ec200qm or have a recording of it, but i do have a vid on youtube comparing the stock lh-150 pickup to a seymour duncan jb on a will adler ltd wa-200, if you want to check it out... but there's no clean tone comparison. sorry. 

      just search "trabye seymour duncan" on youtube.