• Blue260

    Ec-1000t & Ec-401vf

    Do either of these guitars have the "tummy cut" back?

    Aside from the pickups and locking tuners are there any other differences?

    ESP has really nailed the Gloss Black 22 fret LTD-EC-1000T/CTM!!!

    Not only do I want one but who has them in stock?

    • Blue260

      Thanks for taking the time answering my questions with photos.

      I wonder why they have the cutouts on the body and upper fret access on the ESP-Eclipse models and not on the EC-LTD series.

    • Blue260

      With the picture you're showing, is it a 22 fret or 24?

      My preference for any of the EC-LTD or ESP models is strictly 22 frets.

      My EC-400AT Goldtop is a joy to play with 22 frets - my only grip is when sitting the top edge digs into my ribs, that's why I'm trying to find another 22 fret EC with the tummy cut.

    • EvolutionVII

      That's a 24 fret model, the EC1000VB to be exact.
      There is no Full Thickness LTD model with a belly cut afaik.