• ridner

    2001 Ltd Mc-500

    curious what a good price for a used one of these would be? the guitar in question is mint - no chips, dings, dents, etc. it does have some light pick scratches, but nothing major. guitar comes w/ OHSC. not mine - looking to buy one. how much were they new?

    • Dilzdo21

      500 600 is what i would pay max

      and i think they were about this price new

    • ridner

      good to know - thanks

    • nwright

      These originally came with LTD Signature Series cases, they had a metal "LTD Signature Series" badge on them and blue plush inside. I bought my MC-500 used with the case in excellent condish for 275. The screws on the bridge and pickup ring were a bit rusty, but otherwise it was clean. Musicians Friend had the later variant of the MC-500 with the Brazilian flags (the year before they switched to the flag graphic on the guitar) on clearance at one point for 399 brand new with the case. That has always been my topout price to buy a used one. SO when mine came up for sale for 275 with case, I jumped. The neck on mine is noticeably thicker and a bit wider than my other Vipers (both my ESP and my LTD's)