Another "Is this ESP real?" Post

Andreas W.

Hi there guys,

Im in need of the ESP community for means of identifying and old ESP Eclipse form the Standard Series.

I am getting it offered as part of a trade:
ESP Eclipse+ 800€ for my Gibson Les Paul Standard 2019

As I once got fooled with a fake ESP in the past I did a lot of research sadly with little to no outcome.
All I know is that it is made in 2008 an (according to other model names) should be either a "ESP Eclipse-II QM EMG Black Aqua" or a "ESP Eclipse-II QM EMG See Thru Aqua".

I searched through everything I could find, old ESP catalogs (USA, Export and Japan ones), eBay listings, Reverb listings, Google Images...
Can't find any picture of this exact model, only ones that are in different colors...
Comparing with those though it *seems* to be legit...

Here are all the pictures I've got:



Thanks in advance for any help you can give me


The guitar is legit. As you figured, it's a 2008 Eclipse II in see-through black aqua. It's not a common finish, especially with 4 knobs.

Andreas W.

Thanks for your expertise!

Pulled the trigger on it and made the trade yesterday.

Just by holding it, it was super obvious that it is the real deal.


Congrats man, that's quite nice.

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