What is this guitar? LTD by ESP Delux Tuners Viper Body

charles d.

Looking for any information I can get about this guitar. I have attached pictures.

It says LTD on the headstock, with a little decal of a musical note in a nucleus. The Truss Rod cover says "By ESP" and it says LTD on the Fretboard inlay. It has Deluxe tuners. Serial is 23691 on the bolt on neck plate.

Does anyone know anything about this guitar? What model, when it was made?


It looks to be a version of the Ultra-Tone. I'm more used to them having 3 mini humbuckers, but it doesn't surprise me that they released a 2 full sized humbucker version.

Look at page 18.
2000 catalog

Brad R.

It's an Ltd ultra-200. Circa 1996-1998

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