• EclipseGT

    Floyd Rose Tuning

    Hello ESP Forum people, I have a question for Floyd Rose users. I can restring and tune my Floyd Rose guitars, but one of them has issues with changing tuning. For example, my M series does just fine with going into dropped d or even c# standard tuning without needing adjustment. My Forest GT however, gets very temperamental when I try to change the tuning. I have to adjust the springs a bit when I change my tuning on the Forest GT. I will say that when I bought the Forest GT, the dealer insisted on putting new strings and adjusting it for me, and he did this even though I told him I wanted it to be left alone. (I bought it online, had to, since I could not find one locally.)

    My question is, is this normal for a Floyd Rose or do I need to take it to a luthier? I can adjust truss rods just fine too, but I think that seems a bit extreme for simply changing the tuning. My theory has been that whatever he adjusted has caused this problem, but it otherwise functions fine and retains its tuning near-indefinitely when I set it up. The only difference between it and my M series is that I cannot change the tuning as easily.

    Thanks for any input!

    • Pushead

      If the bridge is floating (not blocked or sitting on the body) this is perfectly normal.  In fact, that's the issue most people have with Floyd trems, there's no quick and easy to change tunings without having to adjust the springs.

    • Steve McF

      Every time I change tuning or string gauge I have to re adjust the tension on the bridge to get it to sit level (or the action is affected). Sometimes I even have to adjust the intonation. Changing tuning on a floating floyd guitar will mess it up, even if you just fine tune to drop D.

      It's perfectly normal, and a great excuse to buy a couple more guitars!