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    Want to Buy: ESP Eclipse

    Hello ESP Forum people, I am looking for an older ESP Eclipse with a Floyd Rose, dual EMG 81s (May have other configurations), and 24 frets. I would like to buy one of these, but no one in my area carries a decent selection of ESP guitars, let alone, older models. This particular model is from the years 1995-1997, I think. It would most likely be labeled as "the Eclipse" on the headstock. This is an ESP model, and not an LTD model.

    I am not too picky on condition (Though a mint one would be ideal!), if it has a few scratches or even a chip or two, that is okay. I would prefer that it not have any rust or playability problems. Color-wise, I would prefer black, but the dark blue color I have seen would be fine too.

    I am open to how we would do the transaction, but eBay/Paypal would be great since that protects both parties. I have around 150 100% positive feedback as a buyer and seller on eBay, if that matters.

    Please contact me if you have one of these instruments that you might be willing to part with!

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