• David_VI

    After two years, I have my Horizon!!!

    Oh yes, you may remember me asking about a Horizon over a year ago with confinement of finishes and such..

    Finally, I got!

    Guitar Village had a sale and a see thru black FR Horizon. Plus with the VAT going up after xmas I thought NOWS MY CHANCE.

    After not sleeping for more than 2 hours in 3 days we drove to Guitar Village, found it, bought it. Left, back home 3 hours later and straight to bed.

    Now i'm awake and here to spread the news.
    I will give some photos later :) But firstly I want afew tips.. I'm going to put 11's on it so just so I can start off well, what direction should I turn the screws on the springs to fix the bridge level??

    Cheers and HORRAY

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