Coming January 14: ESP Presents 2022 Phase 1

Coming January 14: ESP Presents 2022 Phase 1

With the start of a new year approaching, we're getting excited about showing you the first batch of "New for 2022" guitars. To do so, we're bringing the party to your house (or maybe just your phone) with ESP Presents 2022 Phase 1, the first of several streaming video-based events we'll be hosting in the upcoming year. You'll be able to watch it for free right here on the ESP site. What can you expect in Phase 1 of ESP Presents 2022?

  • Excellent interviews with ESP Signature artists
  • Tons of live performance demos showcasing some of our "New for 2022" guitars
  • A complete gallery montage of the entire "Phase 1" collection of "New for 2022"
  • Special features on the ESP All Access community
  • Spotlights on LTD Deluxe, ESP E-II, and ESP USA
  • A never-before-seen interview from the ESP archives with the late Jeff Hanneman of Slayer
  • And more! 

Is That All?
Nope! This year, we're planning out multiple ESP Presents events. Phase 1 only highlights the guitars that will be available between now and spring 2022. Subsequent ESP Presents events will feature more guitars and basses, and more great ESP artists and demos. But for what we've got brewing right now at this moment, ESP Presents 2022 Phase 1 will be a killer show for anyone who loves ESP and the people who play them!



When is phase 2? Where are the lefty models?

jomel r.

I was very encouraged to find this site. The reason being that this is such an informative post. Thanks for sharing!

Oliver I.

Too many CTM and T-Models in the EC-Line. Why? If I wanna get a traditional Les Paul, I can buy Gibson ... Beside: The tone ist not better with the extra thickness, it is just more uncomfortable to play!

Benjamin Leveque

So these models will be discontinued after march 31st and then phase two will be available...interesting. 


Much better than ibanez's "release"... but when are we gonna get 7 string floyds. Might just go get an ibanez

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