"Who Is The Best Metal Guitarist?" Asks Music Radar

"Who Is The Best Metal Guitarist?" Asks Music Radar

Music Radar Magazine recently posted a poll that caught our eye. They're asking readers to vote on "Who is the best metal guitarist of 2020?", and as we looked down their list of nominees, we couldn't help but notice that a majority of these excellent players were ESP artists.

Among the list: Will Adler (Lamb of God), Stephen Carpenter (Deftones), Aaron Aedy (Paradise Lost), Josh Middleton (Architects/Sylosis), Reba Meyers (Code Orange), and Diamond Rowe & Josh Fore (Tetrarch). It's probably not surprising that these ESP players and Signature artists rank among the best modern metal guitarists. If you'd like, head over to Music Radar and make your personal choice clear!


Rob Q

Isahn for sure


Randy Rhoads is the best!

Anderson Headley

Kirk Hammett by far

Brendan Breakdown

I want to vote Reba because PAHC but, Will Adler. Can’t touch those riffs!