Review: LTD M-7HT Baritone Black Metal by Simon Sludge

Review: LTD M-7HT Baritone Black Metal by Simon Sludge

We'd been meaning to post this outstanding and in-depth review of the LTD Black Metal Series M-7HT Baritone, but then there was a pandemic and we lost all sense of time and space. However, writing on the excellent web site Extended Range Guitar Nerds, ESP artist Simon Sludge points out several key things about this great guitar that was awarded 9/10 on their rating system.

"With the M-7HT Baritone, LTD absolutely nailed it! A 27″ scale 7-string with a Hipshot bridge, single bridge humbucker and no more than a volume knob? Yes, please!"

"I have definitely tried and even owned more expensive guitars with fretwork nowhere near as good as this."

"If you wish you could afford a Japanese-made ESP but only have about $1000 to spend, do not hesitate to get this one instead. I have the E-II Horizon NT-7B here for comparison and it blows me away to see how close the LTD gets in pretty much every regard."

In addition to several audio examples in the review, Simon includes this short clip of himself playing the M-7HT Black Metal. 

Read the entire review here.

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jean-baptiste K.

I wanted to upgrade from my LTD 1000 to an EII but if they are so close I guess I won't spend all that hard earned money on an EII. Thanks for the info !