Hellfest 2019: A Year Later

Hellfest 2019: A Year Later

Do you miss concerts and festivals as much as we do? It's hard to imagine anyone who wouldn't love to be in the midst of a rowdy crowd, headbanging and having fun while heavy music pounds the air around you. It might still be a good while before we get back to seeing live shows (or performing them, if you're a live musician), but our friends at La Boite Noire du Musicien in France have put together a killer retrospective from the 2019 Hellfest festival, where ESP was the main sponsor.

The recap from last June includes plenty of video interviews from ESP players in bands like Architects, Dagoba, Testament, Anthrax, Death Angel, Immolation, and many more. If you're jonesing for that festival experience but are still stuck at home avoiding the pandemic as best as you can, check out the 2019 Hellfest Recap right now, and hopefully it gives you something to look forward to when the world gets back to its rocking self!

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