Ready to Help You: Your ESP Dealer

Ready to Help You: Your ESP Dealer

One thing we can all agree on: due to the fight against COVID-19, it’s a weird time in the world right now. Sometimes it seems like literally everything is cancelled and/or closed. At ESP, we speak to touring artists and gigging musicians every day who wish they could be back out on the road, or doing their regular shows at local venues. While it’s going to take some time for the world to get back to normal for performing musicians, this is a great time to get your next guitar or bass from an ESP dealer.

While we can’t tell you the current status of every single music store in every location, we do know that many ESP dealers across the USA and around the world remain open for business. Even if their storefront retail locations have had to temporarily close to help fight this pandemic, many of them offer online sales or curbside pickup of the products they sell, including ESP guitars and basses. You can get online and choose your next instrument, and have it delivered to you (or have it ready for pickup as soon as you pull up to the store’s location). Call or visit your favorite local ESP dealer or online seller online to find out what ways they have of providing your next ESP, E-II, or LTD.

Getting your next guitar or bass at an ESP dealer offers many advantages. Many ESP dealers have services that include financing arrangements, package pricing for purchases of guitars and amps and accessory gear, and other special offers. Also, buying from an authorized ESP dealer guarantees the authenticity of your new instrument. Finally, we all understand that making a purchase from your favorite music store during this difficult time will be tremendously appreciated by them, and chances are that they will go out of their way to make sure you get a terrific deal.

To those of you who are staying home and staying safe from COVID-19 (as well as the essential workers who take risks to help out the rest of the world), we offer our thanks from everyone at ESP! Making the best of the situation might be as simple as getting inspired with a new guitar or bass. Find an ESP dealer near you right now!

Patricia C.

Thank you for your willingness to help

Anthony C.

Bought a Viper Black Metal Baritone 7 string from Sweetwater, but says they're waiting for orders to arrive. When would be an approximate guesstimation of when guitars would be available?

Megan M.

Love it!

Josh B.

Is the USA custom shop still accepting new orders? My stimulus check is destined to be a new USA M-II.

Jane B.

Great post!

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