Reverb Interviews Kirk Hammett & George Lynch on ESP's Origins

Reverb Interviews Kirk Hammett & George Lynch on ESP's Origins

Since launching in 2013, Reverb has become one of the preeminent online resources for buying and selling new and used musical instruments and related gear, and today, they published an outstanding and very in-depth article on the origins of ESP Guitars through the eyes of artists Kirk Hammett and George Lynch, along with interviews of ESP president and CEO Matt Masciandaro. This is one of the most thorough tellings of the ESP story ever, and writer Tony Bacon did an incredible job putting this together. A sample...

"ESP had their technicians there, in lab coats, pen protectors in their pockets, the micrometers, taking down notes," George tells me. "We sat around all afternoon riffing back and forth, working out what became my ESP Kamikaze guitar."

Read the entire story here.

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origins of ESP Guitars through the eyes of artists Kirk Hammett and George Lynch, along with interviews of ESP president and CEO Matt Masciandaro.

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