Jan 30: James Hetfield Exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum

Jan 30: James Hetfield Exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum

The Petersen Automotive Museum is already one of the coolest places to visit in Los Angeles, but tonight (Thursday January 30, 2020), it's going to rock harder than ever with the opening of their latest exhibit, Reclaimed Rust: The James Hetfield Collection. The Metallica frontman and longtime ESP-playing icon of metal has all 10 of his custom car creations on display.

Tonight's opening event -- which, we should add is 100% sold out, unsurprisingly -- will feature James himself doing a fireside chat with attendees, and the exhibit will continue to be open to museum visitors for months, so you'll have an opportunity to check James' incredible car collection for yourself if you're in the LA area. Furthermore, ESP is helping to sponsor the exhibit with the donation of two of James' ESP Signature Series guitars: an ESP Snakebyte in Snow White, and an ESP Vulture in Black Satin. Both of these ESP Custom Shop-built guitars will be being auctioned starting at the opening event tonight and will likely go quickly. For more information, visit the museum's web site.

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