Winner's Circle: Bill Kelliher Sparrowhawk Sweepstakes

Winner's Circle: Bill Kelliher Sparrowhawk Sweepstakes

We want to send our congratulations to Adam Yeager of California. Out of the thousands of you from around the world who entered our recent Bill Kelliher Sparrowhawk Sweepstakes, there could be only one winner, and we randomly picked Adam's name out of all the entries. When we let him know about his good fortune, we were happy to hear that he's a big fan of all things ESP, so we know this guitar is going to a good home.

The LTD Sparrowhawk is very unique among our ESP and LTD Signature Series guitars. It's the signature model for Bill Kelliher of the respected American metal band Mastodon. It features a set of Lace Sensor “Divinators” LTD pickups with matte black covers, which were specially designed for our Bill Kelliher Signature Series models. Push-pull coil-splitting control is wired separately for each pickup for a variety of tones. It offers a maple-capped mahogany body, set-thru construction, and a smooth heel joint for fast access to the highest frets.

Again, huge congrats to Adam! For the rest of you who didn't win this time around, take heart; ESP will continue to reward members of the ESP All Access community with more chances to win coming soon!

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fayolaa m.

But Adam Yeager! The guitar looks very beautiful! 



Aw Well Done! Im glad the Sparrowhawk is going to a good home.