ESP On the Road: Heavy Montreal (Jul 27-28)

Look out, Quebec: this weekend, a whole lot of metal is heading your way. Heavy Montréal has become of of Canada's most highly-anticipated live music events, and this festival will be jam-packed with ESP in several ways!

The Music
Obviously, the main reason to go to a metal festival is for the awesome music, and there are many of the finest players from ESP's outstanding artist roster in the lineup at Heavy Montréal! Here are some of the bands and ESP players you can expect to see onstage:

Gary Holt & Tom Araya - Gary Holt Signature Series, Tom Araya Signature Series

Frank Bello - Frank Bello Signature Series

Kamron Bradbury - E-II M-I

Travis Miguel & Dan Jacobs - LTD Viper-400M , LTD EX-401

P. &  A. - LTD EX-401, LTD F-415 FM

JF Dageanis - LTD V-401B

Metal Church
Steve Unger - LTD TA-604 FRX

Dying Fetus
John Gallagher - E-II Arrow

Corrosion Of Conformity
Pepper Keenan & Woodroe Weatherman - ESP Custom Shop Viper, LTD Volsung

Stick To Your Guns
Josh James & Chris Rawson - LTD MH-1001NT, LTD TE-401

Cattle Decapitation
Belisario Dimuzio - LTD MH-1001 HS

Martin Stewart, Jordan Posner & Chris Linkovich - LTD EC-1001T, E-II Eclipse, LTD AP-4

The Guitars & Basses
Along with our friends at ESP's Canadian distributor B&J Music, ESP will have a big tent at Heavy Montréal where we will have dozens of our guitars and basses ready for you to come in and try out! We'll have representatives on hand to answer your questions, and a number of ESP artists will be coming by to do signings. Be sure to make the ESP tent a main destination during your visit to the festival!

Connor S.

Head banging!