Frank Bello's Altitudes & Attitude Album Out Now

Get It Out, the new album by Altitudes & Attitude, just came out on Friday January 18, and it's already getting some rave reviews. The band is a project of ESP player Frank Bello, more well known as the bassist for thrash legends Anthrax, along with bass player David Ellefson of Megadeth. If people are expecting the thrashy metal sounds of their respective bands, they're in for a surprise, albeit a pleasant one; the songs on Get It Out are more in the melodic hard rock area, and are very well constructed and performed, with Frank showing impressive skills as a frontman on vocals and on his LTD TE-254 guitar that's featured in the video for "Late" below. Consequence of Sound says that "Get It Out is packed with straightforward hard-rock tracks with memorable melodies and catchy hooks." Learn more about the band and order the album via their web site.