Kirk Hammett Custom ESP Raises Over $31,000 for Charity

As a guitar and bass manufacturer, our job is pretty clear cut: make the best instruments we can for every musician's budget and skill level. But sometimes, we get to be a small part of something much bigger. While music itself is said to make the world a better place to live, and we agree with that, there are aspects of life that can't be helped simply through power chords and sweet leads.

Such is the case with Metallica and their charitable organization All Within My Hands Foundation. On April 23, the band participated in "Metallica Night" with the San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball. In addition to a portion of the game's ticket sales being donated to the cause, ESP offered a customized version of Kirk Hammett's ESP signature guitar, replete with Giants logos. As opposed to previous years when the guitar was auctioned off to the highest bidder, this year the Metallica team set up a sweepstakes where people could kick in $10 each for a chance to own the guitar. Kirk used the guitar to perform the National Anthem before the game that night.

Our minds were blown when we found out the total amount raised: $31,096. These funds will go to Metallica's charity to help create sustainable communities by supporting workforce education, the fight against hunger, and other critical local services, with additional support for music education programs and food banks.

Again, we're aware that ESP's job is just to build the guitars and basses that will inspire the best musical work from everyone who owns our instruments, but it feels great to know that at least one of those guitars will help a bunch of people who truly need the assistance. We send our thanks to the Giants and to Metallica for their generosity and their efforts to give back to the world in such an amazing way.

Steve g.

great job kirk!!!!!

David G.

Beautiful guitar!!!!!!