A Closer Look at Multi-Scale Basses

While it's been a couple of years since we first introduced our debut in multi-scale basses with the LTD B-1004SE Multi-Scale and B-1005SE Multi-Scale, we felt it was time to give you some reminders of why these innovative basses are even cooler than they seem at first glance. Let's take a closer look at them.

What Is Multi-Scale?
The scale length of an instrument is a measurement that basically determines the length of the area of the string that can vibrate and produce sound (like from the nut to the bridge). On a guitar or bass, this measurement is made by determining the distance between the nut and the middle of the 12th fret, and multiplying by two. Most fretted instruments have a single scale length, with the distance between the nut and bridge being equal across all strings.

However, a multi-scale instrument allows for longer lengths for the lower-pitched strings, and shorter scale for the higher strings. To do this, components like the frets, nut, and bridge are angled precisely to allow for correct intonation up and down the fingerboard.



Why Multi-Scale?
There are two advantages in using a multi-scale bass. First and foremost is tone. A bass like the B-1005SE Multi-Scale offers a 37" scale for the lowest string, and a scale of 34" for the highest string. This allows for ideal string tension at both high and low pitches, and as a result the tone will stay more articulate and clearly defined compared to standard single-scale basses.

The second advantage is ergonomic feel. Many bass players report that their wrist angle, especially in the lowest and highest fret zones, feels more natural on a multi-scale bass than a standard bass. While the angled frets might look intimidating from the viewing angle, when you pick up a multi-scale bass, it's much less drastic of a change than many people would assume.

The B-1004SE Multi-Scale and B-1005SE Multi-Scale have a powerfully versatile control set.

What's special about the B-1004SE and B-1005SE Multi-Scale?
If the improved tone and playing feel of the LTD B-1004SE and B-1005SE Multi-Scale basses weren't enough, there are some other factors that set this bass apart from most others, and make them some of the best basses in their price range period. First, the basses make use of a set of Nordstrand Big Splits pickups, offering a tone that combines both classic P and J sounds but with a smoother, stronger, and richer tonal palette. You also get an incredibly versatile control set that includes volume, balance, an ABQ-3MS 3-band EQ, and a mini switch that lets you toggle between active and passive EQ. Professional components on these basses include Gotoh tuners and a Hipshot Solo bridge.

These basses are tremendously well built, and designed for both great tone and longterm reliability with a swamp ash body, a solid rosewood top, and a very stable five-piece neck made of wenge and bubinga in a very fast and comfortable extra thin U shape. Give them a try at your authorized ESP dealer.

Tony C.

Thanks for the info i now want one or two.