Available Right Now: New Stephen Carpenter Signature Models

Many of the new guitar and bass models we introduced for 2018 are already available at your authorized ESP dealer. This spotlight article series will give you some extra details about new guitars that you can buy today!

Several of our new models for 2018 were those made for a guitarist who's been associated with ESP going back to the '90s... Stephen Carpenter of alt-metal icons Deftones. All three of these new introductions are based on guitars that Stef had made at the ESP Custom Shop, and all three are available right this moment from your Authorized ESP Dealer! Let's take a closer look at the LTD SC-608 Baritone Red Sparkle, the LTD SCT-607 Baritone, and LTD SC-20

SC-608 Baritone (Red Sparkle)
Based on a custom guitar that Stephen Carpenter calls "Dorothy" due to its red sparkle finish (if you're confused, look up the classic 1939 movie "The Wizard of Oz" and the ruby slippers of the main character), the SC-608 Baritone is an 8-string, neck-thru-body guitar at 27" baritone scale. For players of all styles and genres who love the depth of an extended range of tones, the SC-608 Baritone is just a monster, with a mahogany body, maple neck, and 24-fret Macassar ebony fingerboard. Its Fishman Fluence SRC Signature active pickup set has multiple voicings; use the push-pull control on the volume knob to select the one you want. On the middle alnico pickup, push down for “Modern Active” tone or pull up for “Modern Passive Attack”. On the bridge ceramic pickup, push down for “Modern Passive Attack” tone or pull up for “Modern Active” voicing. Watch Stef talk about the SC-608 Baritone here.


SCT-607 Baritone (Green Sparkle)
This is another guitar that's based on a model that Stef got himself from the ESP Custom Shop in Japan. The SCT-607 Baritone has a classic shape that's paired with a completely innovative design and component set. Think about it this way: you're not going to find many traditionally-styled guitars with seven strings, or neck-thru-body construction, or 27" baritone scale. Additionally, you get the powerful and versatile tones of Stef's Fishman Fluence SRC Signature active pickups, with multiple voicings for each pickup that are controlled with push-pull volume and tone pots. Watch Stef talk about the SCT-607B here.


It was 20 years ago, in 1998, that Stephen Carpenter got his first ESP Signature Series guitar. That model was killer in every aspect... a 6-string guitar with neck-thru-body design in a See Thru Green finish, and a unique H/H/S pickup configuration that's been associated with Stef ever since. This year, the LTD SC-20 commemorates our great relationship with this innovative guitarist as a throwback to that very first Signature guitar. It includes components such as a Seymour Duncan JB pickup paired with ESP Designed LH-150N and LS-120N pickups, as well as an Macassar ebony fingerboard with no inlays except its glow in the dark side markers. Watch Stef talk about the SC-20 here.


All three of these great new Stephen Carpenter Signature Series guitars are available right now at your Authorized ESP Dealer. Get one today!