Available Right Now: EC-1007/EC-1008 EverTune

Many of the new guitar and bass models we introduced for 2018 are already available at your authorized ESP dealer. This spotlight article series will give you some extra details about new guitars that you can buy today!

Several years ago, ESP became one of the first manufacturers to offer the revolutionary EverTune constant tension bridge as standard equipment on some of our guitars. The reason was simple: no other guitar innovation truly allowed for near-perfect tuning and intonation under almost any condition. Since so many ESP players put their instruments through harsh conditions -- say, doing a show in the Philippines in hot and humid weather and then going straight to a freezing stage in St. Petersburg -- we knew that EverTune would be a welcome addition to their arsenal.

The way EverTune works is pretty amazing. Unlike robotic tuners and other gimmicky solutions, EverTune uses springs inside the guitar's body that provide constant measured tension to each string. The one thing we always hear, even from the most skeptical players, is that it really, truly works. It's almost impossible to make a guitar equipped with EverTune to go out of tune. You can watch our multi-part video series on setting up your EverTune here. Also, to clear up a misconception: yes, you can bend strings with an EverTune. There are several ways to set up an EverTune to best accommodate your playing style.

With the EC-1007 EverTune and EC-1008 EverTune, you now have a new option that allows for players who want to take advantage of the extended range of 7-string and 8-string guitars along with the amazing tuning stability and excellent intonation all the way up and down the neck as you get with EverTune. We chose our most popular body style in the EC Series to offer this excellent solution. Furthermore, these new models are available right now at your ESP dealer!





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