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Line 6 Flextone II
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Richard Kruspe
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I like lead paint.
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RZK Spieler

RZK Spieler disliked the forum post ESP headstock lawsuit

2014-04-10 22:28:31 UTC
well its official, the reason none of the new ESP USA guitars have a 6 in line headstock is because they were sued. they can't do it, so that sucks, i officially don't want any of the new ESP guitars, no 6 in line? fuck......MORE »
RZK Spieler

RZK Spieler liked the forum post Re: ESP headstock lawsuit

2014-04-10 22:27:49 UTC
It's only you that we don't like moron. I think YOU are here to try and find a life or else you wouldn't care so much when someone tells you to fuck off. Just be a normal member and post on the polls. Just like the real......MORE »
RZK Spieler

RZK Spieler liked the forum post Re: ESP headstock lawsuit

2014-04-10 22:26:19 UTC
None of the ESP USA guitars are made of wood anymore! (...if you only count the ones that aren't made of wood)   ......MORE »
RZK Spieler

RZK Spieler replied to the forum post Is this KH-2 genuine?

2014-03-19 21:36:59 UTC
Nope. It's rock solid. It's an ESP. It could go to hell and back, and still beat any Gibson.   Buy it, and enjoy it.......MORE »