ESP RZK I (Platinum Silver), ESP RZK-I (Platinum Silver), ESP RZK-I (Custom Shop Silver), ESP RZK-I (Satin Black), ESP RZK-I (Olympic White), ESP RZK-I (Burnt), ESP RZK-II (Burnt), ESP Eclipse I (Vintage Black), ESP 901 (See-thru Red), LTD EC 1000 (Black Cherry), and Takamine EF341SC (Black)
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Rammstein, Children of Bodom, Metallica, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Knorkator, Caliban, System of a Down, Scars on Broadway, Trivium, We Butter the Bread With Butter, TYR, Combichrist, iwrestledabearonce, Alestorm, and Gorillaz
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Line 6 Flextone II
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Richard Kruspe
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I like lead paint.

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RZK replied to the forum post Upcoming NAD

That sucks. Would they not ship to Australia? Congratulations on your new Recto. I saw you talking about a multi-watt Rectifier. You can make your Rectifier run at 50 watts by taking a pair of power tubes out.......MORE »

RZK replied to the forum post Upcoming NAD

I sure did. Love them. I'll be ordering some more Springbreak II straps in the future. They're fantastic.   Did you end up ordering any Sommercables?......MORE »

RZK replied to the forum post Travel mugs/coffee mugs

I can't believe they haven't done that yet. Start a petition. I'll sign it. I'm all about LGBTD+ rights.......MORE »

RZK replied to the forum post Upcoming NAD

Finally got it all working. Had to replace all the power tubes. Been playing it a lot this past week. Sounds fantastic through my Line 6 Flextone 4x12. The RZK owned Mesa 2x12 cab will be on its way soon.   Just bought......MORE »

RZK liked the forum post Re: Post up your sigs in action!

I'd rather show songs that no one has heard before so they don't know how bad I mess up.......MORE »