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Deluxe EC-1000, Kirk Hammett White Zombie, LTD TE-212, Fender Telecaster, Dean VMNT Rust In Peace, and Dean Stealth Dimeslime
Eating, Learning, Jamming Out, Experimenting, and Drinking
Netflix, NFL, and Sports
Action, Horror, Comedy, and Drama
Anything that sounds nice.
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ESP, Dean, Fender, Takamine, Ibanez, Dunlop, Digitech, and Line 6
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What can I say?

Picked up the guitar when I was 13 years old, it has been 8 years since.

Played an ESP for the first time at a local music store and fell in love with them.

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Normally here at ESP Guitars, we like to show and tell you about guitars and basses you might consider owning for yourself someday. However, in this case, we're pretty sure that a) only one of these guitars will ever be......MORE »
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Totally Awesome. This is why I have total faith in the build quality and attention to detail on my ever growing ESP work horses!  ......MORE »
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Always impresses me what an outstanding piece of art ESP is able to create. Awesome !......MORE »