Play a little AC/DC ...for those about to rock this Veteran's Day and salute someone that deserves it! - updated 2014-11-12 03:44:39 UTC
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ESP, BCRich, and LTD
Cars, Weapons, and Guitars
Walking Dead
The Fast and the Furious, Thank you for Smoking, and Lord of War
AC/DC, Static X, Wayne Static, and Celldweller
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
LTD EC10, LTD Static 600, BC Rich Draco, BC Rich Bich, Marshall, Digitech Grunge, Digitech Metal Distortion, Digitech Stereo Chorus, Digitech Stereo Reverb, and Digitech Black 13
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Wayne Static and richard kruspe
About me:

I've been playing since 1987.  Got a band in 1991.  In 1995 my band mates stole my equipment.  Got back into it in 2009.

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vipprimo replied to the forum post DA Going on a Beer Run

2014-11-22 21:41:57 UTC
Talk about flood levels rising.  Anybody saying you won't be able to drink the water from overflow?......MORE »

vipprimo posted the forum post Snakebyte Strap

2014-11-22 21:40:25 UTC
After going through three sets of straps for this thing I think it's about time I ask for help. What do you guys use?  It's gotta be a long strap and able to hold it up comfortably.   Everything I have is too......MORE »

vipprimo replied to the forum post Anyone tried M-III or other ESP USA?

2014-11-21 16:34:00 UTC
Yes and I enjoyed it.  I'm probably a little biased because it really did fit my playing style and everything perfectly.  Almost like it was made for me.  I couldn't guarantee the same perfect results for......MORE »

vipprimo replied to the forum post Early 90's Comic Book Guitars

2014-11-21 16:31:16 UTC
Absolutely!  We need more pics.......MORE »

vipprimo liked the forum post Re: Early 90's Comic Book Guitars

2014-11-21 16:30:43 UTC
Let's see some detailed pics of it!! Which jack did it have on it? That was totally an MX220 body and headstock so I'm betting the rest of it is just like the first ones?......MORE »