The EC made it out with only two strings and it's good to roll. - updated 2014-06-27 19:13:21 UTC
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ESP, BCRich, and LTD
Cars, Weapons, and Guitars
Walking Dead
The Fast and the Furious, Thank you for Smoking, and Lord of War
AC/DC, Static X, Wayne Static, and Celldweller
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
LTD EC10, LTD Static 600, BC Rich Draco, BC Rich Bich, Marshall, Digitech Grunge, Digitech Metal Distortion, Digitech Stereo Chorus, Digitech Stereo Reverb, and Digitech Black 13
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Wayne Static and richard kruspe
About me:

I've been playing since 1987.  Got a band in 1991.  In 1995 my band mates stole my equipment.  Got back into it in 2009.

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vipprimo replied to the forum post "unacceptable behavior"

2014-07-12 17:42:28 UTC
Wow, really?  I could see if they were saying, "people are saying swearing so they need to knock that off", but the forum didn't effect the way they build guitars.  ......MORE »

vipprimo became friends with Allen Harris

2014-07-12 17:27:57 UTC

vipprimo replied to the forum post What is your level of dedication?

2014-07-12 17:27:25 UTC
Actually Omess, is stalking me.  Since he's taken my name and information he is currently engaged in a felony and can be sued for defamation of character.  Not the smartest of moves.......MORE »