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ESP, BCRich, and LTD
Cars, Weapons, and Guitars
Walking Dead
The Fast and the Furious, Thank you for Smoking, and Lord of War
AC/DC, Static X, Wayne Static, and Celldweller
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
LTD EC10, LTD Static 600, BC Rich Draco, BC Rich Bich, Marshall, Digitech Grunge, Digitech Metal Distortion, Digitech Stereo Chorus, Digitech Stereo Reverb, and Digitech Black 13
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Wayne Static and richard kruspe
About me:

I've been playing since 1987.  Got a band in 1991.  In 1995 my band mates stole my equipment.  Got back into it in 2009.

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Clever and careful packing.  I had to add water to it when it got here and it popped into shape.......MORE »

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I'm a fan of the guitar.  I've actually eye'd that a couple of times even though I'm not actively looking for a guitar.  Would still be a nice one to add to a collection just because of it's unique look.......MORE »

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They've been pretty good about keeping the website up to date so I'm guessing that whatever is on there is what they're offering.......MORE »

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16 is an age that you should hone your skills and just jam with people to force your own improvement.  Bands don't really come until your 18 since most bars won't let you play under 18.. some don't under 21. ......MORE »

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Why look for stock?  You can order, right?......MORE »