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ESP Eclipse, LTD Xtone, and ESP Horizon
Live music, astronomy, food, travel, nature, and more food
I'm a freak who doesn't watch TV at all and Except sports
The Big Lebowski and A Clockwork Orange
Rock, Metal, Jazz, Fusion, Art Rock, Blues, and Alternative
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Vox AC30, Strymon Timeline, Dunlop Cry Baby, Fulltone OCD, and Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander
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Guitarist since 1976. Recording and gigging musician. Educated at Berklee College of Music, Musician's Institute, and Cal State University. Live in Southern California near the ocean, and make music every single day.

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Jeff K.

Jeff K. posted the article Lamb of God's "The Duke"

Lamb of God, the Virginia-based American metal band that features ESP players Will Adler and John Campbell, just debuted the title track from their upcoming EP. Called "The Duke", the song (which you can hear below) is a......MORE »
Jeff K.

Jeff K. liked the comment on How many ESPs will you see at Aftershock?

Awesome. It would have been so cool to be there.......MORE »
Jeff K.

Jeff K. posted the article ESP Shredder Gianluca Ferro's New Album

If you're a musician who hasn't yet heard the playing of Italian ESP player Gianluca Ferro, you're in for a treat. His new album A Hole In The Ocean was released today (October 20), and if you're any kind of person who......MORE »
Jeff K.

Jeff K. posted the article How many ESPs will you see at Aftershock?

Question: how many ESPs will you see at Aftershock? Answer: a lot. Held this coming weekend (October 22/23) at Discovery Park in Sacramento, CA, the Monster Energy Aftershock Festival will be a good time for all who......MORE »
Jeff K.

Jeff K. uploaded the video Ozzfest meets Knotfest 2016