Modeling amps?

  •  Gear Orphanage

    Listen. Obviously i would like to play my amps on 10, but i could never do that in my apartment.  With the age of computer recording at home, The Modeling amp was the best thing ever. I was shredding and recording til 3:00 A.M.   I give them a Hell Yeah!   Although, Playing live and Rehearsing would probably blow with the pod.  i suppose there is a place for everything, but it sure is nice to have that option.  J  

  • nope, i'm all about simple solid state.

  • Peter W.

    I use a Line6 HD pod for demoing guitar ideas with my 8 track and the other guitar player in my band uses Peavey Vyryr head whereas I use a Peavey 6505 head. Mine is a long way ahead of the modelling amp. They have a place but still not as good as tube amps for serious recordings and live use in my opinion.

  • Vedran P.

    i used Line 6 LD400 for bass.., gr8 sounding amp, no question there

  • Zealmet

    Long time ago I used guitar processor with amp modeling and played "in-line" and it was sad. Then I bought the physical tube amp and felt a great difference. Now I see modeling amp devices only as additional equipment to real amp. BUT I think that I'm not in state to decide it because I tried to use too few devices, and ones were not expensive as hell)