What would you choose, EMG 81-7 - 707 set or 7 string Seymour Duncan EMTY Blackouts set?

  • Robert E.

    After using EMGs for years I started using seymour duncan invaders. I really liked the tone, it was something different after 10 years of EMGs. It sounded cool playing in drop B. I really enjoyed not worrying about batteries. But after using Seymour Duncans for about 5 years i found im back on the EMGs.

  • Nick M.

    I'm a huge fan of EMG pickups and I am currently using the EMG 85 bridge/81 neck but will be switching the 81 to a 60 in the neck. This is one reason why I like ESP guitars so much is because they use EMGs in most of their guitars. I do like Seymour Duncans too and wish ESP would start building more guitars with Seymour Duncan passive pickups!

  • Kritpit

    I am an EMG man through and through. Especially when it comes to low tuning and extended range.