Which amp would you pick?

  • Cesar P.


  • Travis L.

    mesa is king!

  • Evan S


  • Timothy J.

    The only brand listed that I,ve played through and giged with is Mesa Boogie and I've played thorugh a lot of cool amps over the years ( VHT, soldano, Rivera, Laney, Randall, Marshall, Carvin, line 6 etc but its all about what dynamic's you want. I demo'd a Mk V Mesa and giged a single rectifier and owned a rectifier pre amp for three days till' it failed in a rehearsal!

    I currently use a soldano 4x12 strait cab with vintage 30's (15+ years old) with a Carvin X100b. I used the cavin as slave amp for many years with a Zoom 9050s pre amp and switched to a Pod v2.

    I went and recorded in a studio a few yeaers ago and the best sound was the Carvin on its own as an amp with a Boss DS 1 with a mild setting! If you want fast dynamic's go a Marshall or a Laney, if you want reliability go a Carvin as I giged the hell out of my Carvin and it has never failed but if you can find a VHT pitbull classic they are cool too as well as soldano's and Randall are geared towards Metal ( still very cool ) at the end of the day try everything thats in your budget and pick what you are most comfortable with! Its all about form and function and what suits you not your idol.